How Hip Hop Changed the World - Idris Elba

 This programme is so irritating that the  once cool Idris Elba is looking like an unwashed corner MF. Sorry, this ain't personal but I can't be watching the sanctimonious rubbish regarding hiphop! Its chart count down of important moments of hip hop. And guess who gets number one? Chris Martin's BFF and soon to be a daddy.

Yes I'm a hip hop fan. Anyway Idris Elba is presenting this rubbish with a lot of Smart Alec comments and a self righteous moralistic hip hop tone of the purist. On top of it he has Westwood. Don't get me wrong I love me some Timothy Westwood and I know the dude had earned strips. But it's so cliche. Then there is Westie talking all street but then again he is Britain Granddaddy of Hip Hop. Anyway Westie is excellent at the game which is why the dude is still TOP DOG in the game over in the UK - I love the way he says 'Your boy, Westwood." Errr... I don't think so - a bit too old for that sort of chat ain't we?. He's being DJing from back in the day. Nothing like trance or house for our main man Westie. Not gotta be straight up hip hop.

Any Elba is just majorly irritating but he is esciplised by the stupid comment of Noel  Clarke (famed director of Kidulthoond - I think needs a bit of a history lession before opening his mouth and not 'media studies' that doesn't count. Love his movie though!). Saying the Boys in Hood was the first kind of that movie. There has always been a black cinema in the States - I can't even start to defend stupidness so I'm not going to start now.

Anyway it's an entertaining programme but will wind up any one who know a bit about the real history of hip hop. As I said it's sanctimonious toilet flush waste but on the lighter side it's good entertainment and as always one always learn something new.

How Hip Hop Changed the World - Idris Elba - Channel four.