Tool To Life: New Opportunities: do I really want them?

I totally agree about opportunities but I do ask if I do I want to develop these other skills that opportunities may require. I mean thinking, speaking and behaving differently.

Looking at a problem as a situation all of a sudden gives me more control. I see the situation and ways out of it ( opportunities). This is the hard bit. Maybe I like the problem and the pay-off. Grumbling, moaning, complaining and doing about it. Looking for someone else to solve it.

Looking at situations make me realise I have a number of options. A problem is closed. The catch is that these options may be harder to do than just being stuck in a problem. These options may take me out of my comfort zone and require me to do something differently.

You may say why not. Give a good example. I’m out of work and I’ve being applying for work via agencies and job applications. However if I see it as situation I can simply cold call. It’s easy in principle – pick up the phone and ring. But I’m so afraid of rejection and taking to people on the phone that I would rather just complain about the economy and send off duff job applications hoping my luck will change.

I’m overweight. I could just see it as a situation and think ‘Hey let me try something different. Maybe walk or dance in morning or just cook differently.’ I could bake and grill instead of frying. I could see what other foods are there in the supermarket and try new things. But I’d rather just stick to complaining about how fat I am and still keep up my habits.

So it is about finding opportunities but sometimes they are scary and we can be cowardly. How many people here have turned down something because they really deep down scared or afraid or didn’t want to change.

So I’ve learn the first one day – waking up. Second – mindful of my thoughts and third about opportunities.