progress on Tools to Life

Coach Steele of the free life coach program Tools To Life  give tips about lying to yourself. This is what I think

So I lie to myself. I know. It's mostly about food. I buy something saying it will last but it doesn't. I tell myself things don't matter when they do.

I forget the reason why I didn't do things. I take short term solutions and quick fixes.  Okay, I get it.

I just need to be more patient because I realise over the course I've been on this programme I coulde have lost about six pounds. Have I? Nope, I've put on more. I feel I am sinking but I'm trying to stay afloat. Just need to focus and say no to myself. To like myself or at least treat myself like someone I like. Oh boy. It's one of those morning.

Then again the day is mine.  Morning has broken, I can see the sun rising over in the East behind the trees. I hear cars zooming to work and loud ticking of my value 'cheap' clock. An ambulance siren in the distance. And I think well, its okay. As coach said the 'The day is mine.'

So stop complaining which is what I am here. Change my attitude - working on it. No excuses, no reason and just focus on effort and constancy to purpose.

Time for some fresh air.

Try it out. It does help and it's free life coaching!