Tool To Life: Day Three - Practice vs just doing Free life coaching

So I'm on day three of the free life coach programme Tools to Life and so I've outlined my goals. I've done a task list which I've broken down into steps. I love this site because of the things it makes me think of.

Practice differs from just doing. In each step I need to know what is it I need to acheive. Doh! Some may think isn't it obivious and I'll say yes. But It's one of those things that thought you know you rarely apply it to your actions.

Doing is like just playing a game or singing a song. It's the whole and it takes longer to improve. Doing a target practice is much more effective.

So i'm sort of over-goaled in a way but most of it is stuff I should be already doing as part of my normal routine and I'm just trying to establish that. However I get overwhelmed by just thinking about things. But I'm going to break it down. Break it down so simple it's like knowing that rain drops create floods or stones are created over years by small sediment.

i need to try. I need to focus. I can only by doing and breaking down.  I can only focus by practicing over and over again the things I need till they become my nature.