Tool To Life: Day Two - Having a great day - Free life coaching

So I've decided to blog my progress on the Tool  To Life , the free life coach and self improvement website.  I'm feeling great and now I'm on day two.

 My alarm did not work for some reason but I tend to wake up on time so I was only five minutes late.  I sat up and inhaled and exhaled deeply then clapped and managed to mutter 'I'm having a great day'.

Didn't exactly swing out of bed. I sort of stumbled in a haze to the bathroom where I splashed cold water on my face and reached for my tooth brush.

Invasion of thoughts but I keep on 'I'm having a great day'. Then said at the end 'The day was mine.' For a minute I didn't know what to do. I usaully spend a long time in bed before getting out. So I went back to sit on the bed wondering what next.

Why not get on with some excercise I thought and plan the rest of the day. So I did a bit of Ta Chi then logged in to this day two. Overall, I don't feel the time squeeze I usaully do in the morning and now as part of day two I am practising mindfulness. Being aware of what I say and think.

I do feel better and great. I had a great day yesterday where it was sunny day and I went to the park.  I've outlined a few goals but I use something esle of that. Things are good. I do know now I have to lose wieght because I am too heavy so I might log that as a goal here.

Oh also realised I had a commitment issue to my goals.

So things are good and I'm off to start my day. Remembering to be aware of how I think and what I say.  Mindfulness.

I'm excited to be starting this free life coach programme. I have a few goals I'd like to achieve but the Coach is right. Start the day by swinging out of bed like when I was a kid.

All I can say is guys join while this programme is FREE! It will change the way you think of things in your life! I also gives me something to blog about.  As I said I'm not paid to do this but think it's selfish not to spread the word!