Online dating: I've finally joined an online dating site

I’ve finally joined an online dating site. It’s pretty cold. I’ve had 44 love matches and no joy. It’s one of those where the matching is done for you. I sit and a furry of suitable and hopefully ideal love matches are sent to me. My ideal matches however it seems okay in theory but not reality. I’ve just started but will keep a tally.

I look at one who has a beard and all this pictures are self-portraits taken on his computer camera. Hmm… So I’m not sure about the beard. It's pointy like a medieval villain and the pictures are rather dark. I might just give it a miss.  His profile is also a bit on the dodgy side but hey it's online dating and at 6am in morning wearing my night grown having woken up alone. I'm feeling rather lonely and I need a man.

This feels me with a desperate feeling that's come down to this. A few clicks but patience and I will meet the man for me. I can't say I'm convinced. Anyway it's a numbers game so I click. That's the coldness of all this. I'm judging people on badly taken pictures and sus profiles. Hmmm....

I'm learning I'm superficial because I don't bother read the profile I just look at the pictures and the height.