Online Dating: Another day

Online Dating: Another day

I'm on this online dating site where you are matched and you get a guided communication. Now the only issue is that the men put up the most horrible pictures. Pictures with other women called 'friends', blurred pictures and even cropped pictures. I'm told they feel they don't need to make the effort since they are automatically going to be matched with online dates.

I think they are also a bit more fussy than average because they feel the online dating site is going to get them the 'pecfect' match and a few may come away disillustioned with the whole process.

Right now I'm communiting  emailing with two men but no DATE! One is a lot older -I'm like maybe that's why you are still single and the other just copy and pastes emails. I know because the  he sent his previous email as a reply to my last. I really need to start living offline.

To be fair it's not the nicest thing being rejected by the bunch of ugly unkept men - they do this by viewing your profile then clicking on close. These are the kind of men you wouldn't even give the time of day in real life. But the Bonzos became king online.