Your dreams, goals; Beware of Doubters, Naysayer and closet haters.

I'm digressing from my goals setting theme to have little chat about doubters, Naysayer and closet haters. Closet haters are those who look as if they are encourging you but are really just negative and you have to watch out for them.

What bought this on?

Well as you know if you read my post on business planning book I'm thinking of going into business. So I rocked up for a workshop by Business Link (highly recommended if you want to start up a business or get advice). I can’t commend it enough. It is such a excellent resource with excellent information guidess.

The facilitator/workshop coordinator told us a bit about themselves. How important they were and named dropped a bit.  Fine. Went through the motions of motivational speak you know ‘your passions, goal setting, dream and know your skills’. Said all the right things and did all the right things. Big problem was the facilitator though was experienced she/he could not inspire nor was flexible enough to change the material to suit the audience.

Said business may not be for you – which is honest and truthful but it was the way it was delivered. It a gloomy way. All this so called positive and motivating speech with a underlying negativity stringing through it. We know there is a recession but it’s not like it’s a massive start-up. Most are akin to petty trading. All I’m saying is that there is a way to deliver things.  Everything was perfect but it's one of those places you need to be there to feel the atmosphere. It's like you give different teachers the same material but they perform differently. 

My take is that you can inspire and motivate people, lift up their spirits and still do it with a dose of reality. Leave people feeling good because at some point on the journey they will find out but at least they will have tried. Even just going home on a high next day they may change their mind.

If you have a dream, don’t let anyone tell you can’t achieve it even before you’re started. This does not mean you have to be unrealistic. The journey is paved with naysayers, doubters and closet haters. Try it, get a pass ‘go’ and see. It may be other things that take over. But don’t allow a talk to rain on your parade.
BookKeeping update
So I’m doing the bookkeeping thing. Not my dream but a goal I’m keen on doing. Decisions I’ve taken.
1.    Do a 45 minute study session a day. This could be more or less.
2.    I went through the course syllabus and found out there are six sections so I’m thinking hopefully by next week I’ll have done it all.
3.    I’m going to be using the mind map technique by Tony Buzan.