Starting my goal of bookkeeping.

I finally got out my bookkeeping book. I was about to procastinate but thought 'Ah, can't do that you have committed to achieving it as a goal.' Nothing interesting I just looked at it. It was twenty-five odd chapters. Then I thought maybe I could do two mock exams and then the real one. But then it occured to me wouldn't it make more sense if I got the course outline and syllabuses for these exams. Because after all even though I'm looking at the book it may be too much.

So let's talk goal setting language.
re-focused objective: to pass the Level I The Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping.
Method: Homestudy

Milestones one: Completing topics in the book corresponding to the syllabus the entire book.
Milestone two: To complete a mock exam and see how I do
Milestone three: Complete an online mock exam
Milestone four: Do a quick revision
Milestone five: Do the exams and post my results on my blog.

Limiting factors
Well the saying 'Know thy self' applies. I'm disorganised, I procastinate and I get distracted. On top of all that I never have any time and I'm always tired.

So I think to achieve I need to break down into tasks which I hope I follow. Sorry if I state the obvious but it's my task list.

Tasks for milestone one
  • Print out syllabus.
  • Set up realistic study timetable
  • Start studying
Other stuff.
Well you know I'm blogging my food diary as well. That might be the reason I'm tired. Too fat. It's weighing down my bones and I even take the lift (elevator) instead of walking up the stairs. I'm not on a diet. I've been on too many and I know what works but it's a motivation factor. I thought maybe the food dairy would be a good idea.It's called Snuggie's fooddairy at

I have a few worn out pairs of socks. What do I do with them? I feel guilty throwing them out. Maybe I should just darn them. How do I do that? The are mostly odd pairs. Does anyone have the problem of always ending up with odd pairs?