Decided on a goal: Bookkeeping

Okay, to carry on from my rant on goal yesterday  I've decided on a goal I want to achieve. Well really an idea which I have decided I want to be a goal. I’ve being thinking about it for sometime now and haven’t got round to it for various reasons. So I’ve decided to blog it and reveal and therefore commit to doing. It’s my bookkeeping exams. I want to do a first level in bookkeeping within a month. Not the most exciting thing in the world but it’s something.

So I have my goal now; To do a book keeping exam. I guess now I need to SMART it. You know the acronym or mnemonic used. Apparently it’s supposed to help one.

S – Specific: Is this goal specific ?
Well I guess it is. I want to undertake a level one in bookkeeping.
M – Measurableis it measureable? I don’t really know but I guess since I need to take an exam, it must be in a way.
A – Attainable – is it attainable?
Well, factor in procrastination and getting distracted, I’m not really sure but I can only try. However am I capable? Yes, I am. Well I hope I am.

R- Realistic – Is it a realistic goal for me? I think it is – I can only try.

T – timely – or timescales. What is my timescale? Well I’ll be ambitious and commit to a month.

So now I’ve SMARTed my goal of bookkeeping what do I do next? I guess it’s about breaking down the goal into tasks. Not sure what but I guess studying will be a great start.

What’s missing?
Well motivation but I guess blogging about it will help push me forward. What else do I need? The three Ps  persistence, perseverance and patience. Most of all to have fun. Well as much fun as there is in studying for a book keeping exam.

How will you know I’ve done it?
well you don't. Okay, I’ll be blogging about my progress and you can see how I’m doing.And at the end of it I'll scan in a result sheet with my personal info blotted out. How does that sound?