The word - determination. then more of the same bad grammer and all

I read a news item  about a woman who had lost a lot of weight however what struck me was when they asked her how and she said "I was determined".  The word determined is quite heavy for me. And it did really did strike home. When was the last time I felt determined about anything? I couldn't remember and I think that's what's lacking in my basic attitude.  I had a bit of drive, some focus but I'm lacking in determination. The may all sound the same but I don't think so. I'm highly motivated as well with a bit of passion. I start off with a bit of fire but I really think I need to get some determination under my wings.

From The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary under meanings seven and eight I found something that fits what I thought it to be.

"Determination: (7)A tendency to move or flow in a fixed direction.(8) Resoluteness, determinedness; fixity of intention."

I need to think about how I'll get some determination. It's sounds silly but it's like getting motivated. What will make me determined, steadfast to achieve a goal.

If you think I'm being silly this blog post says it all.

Other stuff

At some point in a previous post I did mention well it seems I have been below average for efficiency. So I understand I have a problem with getting distracted. A huge distractions are Skpe, emailing, gossip websites and youtube.

Bookkeeping Goal
I got down to some studying and managed to complete some studying as I intended I would. I basically went through some chapters and did some mind maps. Then I decided to do a mock test which took me a while to complete. I'm going to mark it up tomorrow and identify my week points. Yawn, yawn, yawn.