What is my blog about? And a Big up to Maplin,Tottenham Court Road.

Before I digress into moaning and whining, I need to commend the customer service of the sales team at Maplin, Tottenham Court Road. Very knowledgeable crew who have helped me out with a range of electronic queries but the key thing is that they saved me buying the wrong thing and spending lots of money. These guys know their stuff. I could make it simpler and write to their head office but I'm just saying it here. So if you need an electrical store in central London, just pop into them. They are near Goodge Station opposite Marks and Spencer’s.

What is my blog about?

I don't really know. I'm trying to get a theme and look at my hobbies but maybe I'm really just a boring lazy person. I've really being looking at things to write about and you know what I like. Hip hop. I love the politics of hip hop and also the celebrity world so I might write about that. I think it will be as random as usual.