The purpose of prayer and faith

These are just my thoughts when I thought yesterday what role did prayers play. It's a bit of jumble but then it's organic and just my thinking.

But on a deeper level what does my prayers do? What function does my faith serve if I am afraid to do some things and thereby act against my own prayers. Not in a bad way. But I pray for a job and then not do any applications. There is divine intervention only when it is allowed by mortals I think.

What is it that stops me delivering my part of the bargain in prayer? I ask to help lose weight yet I don't have any self-control when scoffing chocolates or scones. I reach avarice and gluttony on a level and I blame whatever is around me.

I say powerful prayers yet I don't act to help manifest them or don't realise when the when the prayers are answered or opportunities arise. It is about having the faith to act regardless. I guess 'Heaven Help those who help themselves'.  It's easy to mutter a few words in prayer however out in the real world everything is forgotten and I sink into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I forget to be mindful and focused. Is that just me? I don't really have an answer; I guess apart from with prayer comes action.

I also think an important thing to remember is that we get what we ask for but not the way we think. It comes but not in the packaging we think it will. I guess it's to be mindful and evaluate things when they come your way because it may just be your prayers have being answered.

Also I'm a firm believer in things happen for the best though sometimes this can every bother me. If I don't get something it may be because it wasn't right for me at that time. I've had real issues with situations at some points in my life but deep down I knew that it wasn't right. Prayer is divine and will only act in your best interest. So with hindsight I see some things that didn't work out was for the best. Sometimes I even knew it sooner but wanted things so bad. But I guess the bottom line is if things don't happen that's just it; they don't happen despite how you paint it up.

These are just my thoughts.