Flash Fiction: Glasses

A short short by me.

She couldn't find her glasses and things were so messy. Papers and books scattered over the desk and wires tangled in an unsafe knot around the electric socket. She bit her inner lip and wondered why?  She was always wondering why. She had an event to go to tonight it would be nice.

She lifted the paper from the desk, read a line and put it back down again. The task was daunting. She lifted up another pile of paper searching for her glasses. Finally she lifted up her black handbag and found the glasses' case.

She lifted it up and opened it hoping her glasses were inside. They were. She took them out and they looked rather smutty.  She rubbed the lens on her blouse. They still looked smutty. Then she had a big stretch pushing her arms into the air before putting on the glasses.

She found the mouse in her bag, took it out and attached it to her lap top. Now she had to find the assignment.

She found it  and when she was about to start she saw it was past 2am and  she needed to get a move on.