Growing Up Hip Hop - Atlanta Episode 3 - Brandon's Lil Wayne Driving the show and making him relevant; Ayana's commitment-phobe lover hits ATL and refuses to commit to even the word 'girl friend', Executive Producer Bow Wow hits the strip clubs for inspiration; Atlanta Peace Maker Shaniah arranges a girl's night out bowling.

Hello Fellow Reality Show watchers,

This show seems to be based on one throw away comment 'I work with someone who could have helped your father's (lil Wayne's) career'.  Okay Brandon was foolish but why all this fuss about an irrelevant comment from a wannabe. Yes, it's disrespect but we should all be focusing why are giving this man attention. Like everyone ask WHO IS HE? WHO IS BRANDON BARNES? But since he's part of the show, I guess we'll just roll with it.

Brandon Barnes aka the Man Who Could Have Helped Lil Wayne's Career.

Why do we care what this wannabe has to say about one of most popular rappers in Hop Hop? And if   Lil Wayne's Princess Reginae was older, wiser and NOT in HIGH SCHOOL she wouldn't care one bit. Chile, she is only 17 (18 at the time writing this blog). She is immature and has taken this to heart not knowing that Brandon is irrelevant, what he has to say is irrelevant and because of all her  fuss he now has a story line.

So of course he's not going to appologise. If he apologises he becomes irrelevant again. Right now his only claim to fame is he is the man who told 'Lil Wayne's daughter - I could have helped your father's career.

Zonnique reveals how irrelevant Brandon 'I-could-have-helped lil-Wayne's-Career' Barnes is. 

So Zonnique and Lil Wayne-Coulda-Career-Helper Brandon Barnes meet up in the cafe, and he is saying he won't apologise for what he said.

 Then he starts going in on Zonnique saying she was dressed like a hooker at the photoshoot. You can't tell a young lady at 21, that you know that she is dressed like a prostitute - he could phrased it a different way. He has no considerations for people's feelings... I guess he's trying to be tough but there are other ways.

In the second scene Zonnique goes to his house, and this time Brandon really goes in on her about her attitude.   It's a bit like groundhog day for her with his going over and over the same stuff.

He pushed Zonnie to the limit and to the point where she had to put him in his place and say - listen Brandon you are just my vocal coach, and the person I really want to work with is your MOTHER. For the first time,  Mr Brandon 'I could have helped Lil Wayne's Career' Barnes shuts up with nothing to say.

But let's be real about this, if Zonnique was really serious about being a musician/singer her parents have enough sway in the industry to give her an opportunity. Not make her  A STAR but at least give her an opportunity. However she would also have no time to be appearing on reality shows as she'd be too busy on the road supporting bigger acts, trying to make her name. Reality shows are easy compared to that.

Brandon's comment still having effects at the Turkey Drive In

I'm not sure why Toya went down the Turkey Drive in to have a word with Debra about her son.

Away from the the drama of the show, I thought couldn't she just call Brandon and find out what he had to say for himself? Brandon isn't a kid, he's not 16 years old. He's a 26 year old man,  grown. She could called him, and asked why he treated Reginae in the manner and so explain himself.

Yes, it's about Moms  sorting it out - but Debra Antey is a different level sort of motherhood - big momma. Her children are grown. It seems like a lot of hassle for nothing.

Okay she said she went down because someone came at her child. It's not like Brandon tried to attack Reginae - at least not physically.  Then again is wasn't like Reginae was sitting quietly in a corner minding her own business and Brandon picked on her on. No, Reginae's slick mouth was also shooting some verbal bullets.   No one gets away with insulting someone the way she did Brandon. It's asking for trouble.

Away from the show what gives a 17 year old rich privileged  kid the right to asked anyone who the heck they are. So it is what it is - even if I contradict myself.

Even if Toya is beefing about the Lil Wayne comment, I doubt he ex-husband would care. Also Toya has since remarried to alleged  K-Michell-beater Memphitz Wright - currently separated. What does she care about what folks say about Lil Wayne?

Drama about nothing - she needs to sit down and talk to her daughter about her conduct. Lil Wayne's Princess Reginae is getting older and needs to learn it's not always about picking fights with grown folks then crying home to mama.

Anyway it will be interesting to see how this turkey drive in with Debra Antey turns out. Maybe Brandon mans up and talks to the ladies instead leaving it to his mother?

 He is a 26 year old man after all, his mother can't fight all his battles for him otherwise is he's a 26 year old Reginae Carter type person. However we need to see how this turkey drive in ends.

Back to the Show with non-Brandon related drama.

There wasn't much to report on to be fair this show seems to ride on Brandon's comments to Reginae. Anyway these are my takeaways....

Executive Producer Bow Wow Hits the Strip Club

Bow Wow is the executive producer and star of this show - he gets top billing, like this name comes up first in the line-up, then its Jermaine Dupri. So we know Bow Wow is only going to be seen in a good light  but but and huge but...these cameras can mess someone up.

So Bow Wow has invested some coins in this show, hoping to make a good return, put his name back on the street that he's making a come back. Does he take it seriously? Nah. When  Jermaine Dupri asks Bow Wow to hit the studio, the young man decides he needs some inspiration from the Strip Club. 

He goes to the strip club and ends up turning up for his studio appointment with Jermaine Dupri TWO HOURS LATE and DRUNK. He is so drunk, his eyes are red, and he's like all 'yeah, yeah, yeah' but he can barely rap. Then he goes into the confessional all blood-shot eyes, drunk and talking some rubbish. I'm like this man serious? Is that your work ethic? Is this show just a toy to you?

So it's a whole studio segment wasted because Boss man Bow Wow turned up drunk to work.

In the morning, he seemed hungover but goodness knows if it was shot in sequence and not any random morning.  Bow Wow leaves the shower with his puny body. He is a bit on the thin side, looking like a teenager - anyway and gets a few calls. Mostly about Brandon said about Lil Wayne.  He isn't impressed about the whole thing.

At some point he gets all his mentors together for a Chinese meal to tell him what he knows. However all I can say the Snoop Dogg puts it in perspective for Bow Wow. "You are good, but you need to be great."

Bow Wow is good. Most people are good at what they do. But what does it take to be GREAT? I'll leave you with that executive producer thought....

Ayana gets busy with Lover

  Ayana's lover relocates from New York to Atlanta, and Ayana is explaining their situation. It's a long distance relationship blah blah blah. So boring yawn, yawn, yawn. She seems the possessive type, and throw in her anger issues - that is explosive.   I must point out she had been for ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES so let's hope that works.

Anyway we get to meet her lover. Now I call her lover who seems a bit of a  player. Why?  The woman doesn't want to commit to being a couple with Ayana for whatever reason. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry between them, but who knows? 

The Girls - Shaniah, Reginae Carter, Ayana and Zonnique go bowling

Shaniah, daughter of the show's second executive producer  music consultant Jermaine Dupri is setting herself up as peace-maker, so I take because her daddy is the show's executive producer  music consultant is going to be the Shaunie O'Neal of the show. The peace-maker.  So she invites Ayana, Zonnique and Reginae for a girl's night out. Hmmm.... She wants everyone to get along. Okay.

So Zonnie drags out Princess Reginae of the  House of Carter. What do I think about Reginae? Well, I think overall she's a good kid, and hasn't really done anything to shame her parents. You don't hear much about her in the press.

As a person on the show?  She was extremely rude to Brandon and there was no reason for that, so it would be wise of her parents had a word with her about that. Other than that she's a little princess and madam who is used to getting her own way, protective of her family and friends, and seems to keep grudges. As a spoilt kid, she still has a lot of growing up to do.  Half of the time, I'm just laughing at her immaturity.

Anyway the girls go bowling and Reginae tells Zonnique that she's wasn't trying to be funny about Brandon but she didn't know who he was.

It's hard to say who is to blame...Brandon for laying into Reginae or Reginae being rude. They both engaged and it got dirty.

Zonnique tells Reginae to be calm because they both were wrong, but you know with Madam Reginae, it goes into one ear and out of the other.  Reginae is annoyed her father was bought up. Who cares? I'm sure others have said worse to her about Lil Wayne.

Anyway Atlanta Peace Maker Shaniah walks in with Ayana...Zonnique senses trouble and Reginae is not impressed. 

  Ayana Gives Lil Madam Princess Reginae- The Mother & Daughter Talk That Toya Should Have.

They have a conversation about the photoshoot. Ayana said she would have stepped in and beaten her because she doesn't like attacking her family like that.  However Ayana being the sensible older, a motherly in a way,  tries to explain and advise  Reginae that she can't just confront men or people in general like that. There are a lot of people that if she did that too they would attack her. It's fair enough her calling her mother to deal or handle a situation but by that time it would be too late. Reginae needs to learn to control her attitude.

This is conversation Toya should be having with Reginae, that she can't shoot off her slick mouth and got tattling to her mother when things don't go like she expected. 

 However  Princess Reginae is not listening and had decided she doesn't like Ayana purely on the basis that Ayana is Brandon's cousin. It's so silly, so high school, so childish. BUT let us not FORGET Princess Reginae is all those things. She is a child, still in high school and immature.  There is no point trying to talk sense into her. 

On the other hand, I also don't understand why Ayana would fight anyone on behalf of a grown man?

To be honest I can't remember anything else. 

So will be catching up on the next episode soon - probably all about Brandon comments...I hope not.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.