Growing Up Hip Hop - Atlanta Episode 2 - Bow Wow makes decisions & sorts out Babymomma issues; 26 year old 'wannabe Big Man' Brandon brings negative energy to the Zonniques photo shoot and bullies 17 year old Reginae Carter and disrespects Lil Wayne; Anaya nearly explodes; Reginae Carter tattling to Mommy Toya to handle Brandon

Hello fellow reality show watchers!

What is its about Alanta reality shows? What the heck do they put in the water down there that the franchises of these reality shows just BLOW UP!

So I did a quick catch up on Episode 2, and it's REALLY  MESSY.  Like for no reason at all. For REAL!

Reginae Carter look-a-like Ayana and cousin of Brandon goes to bank of Dad.

okay, I’m bored…who is she again? She looks exactly like Reginae Carter. She goes to bank of Dad for investment. CEO of Bank of Dad asks her for a business plan. So he should.  Whatever, I'm not interested.


I'm clearing Bow Wow's story line first before I get to the juicy bit. We all know Bow Wow is doing this to get paid and hopefully build up a new fanbase for his records or make a comeback. Based on past reality shows stars - Stevie J, Olivia, Ray J, Selena Johnson, Chatelle Moore, Kelly Price, I'm not sure come-backs this way work. Just me.  But let's not be a DOUBTER, it may work for Bow Wow. He may be that except to the RULE.

Gangsta Hoodies vs Bow Wow

The situation at the club escalated into a big NOTHING. But Bow Wow was acting all big saying his ex-friends and associates had guns, and his security had guns so it could get serious real quick. Everyone is looking, watching, grabbing and on point. Shoot out.  Luckily it didn't go down that way. But apparently that's how they roll in A-Town.

So he had a quick one-to-one chat with Auntie Da Brat. She asks the situation, and Bow Wow was like he was close to this ex-friends but everyone chose their way in life and it is what it is. Auntie Brat, is like yes, she understands but everyone can't be number one. And jealousy can overcome those who don't get it. A lot of people are jealous of Bow Wow...which is true.

Let be real and honest. He is a talented young man with his whole life ahead of him. He is a good actor, comes over likeable, and he's headlining this show. Don't get it twisted. This blog is for ENTERTAINMENT but the real private Shad Moss, has plenty to be proud of.

Back to the story....So Bow Wow is just nodding saying that's why he left Atlanta. He just wants to go home, safety. The streets of Atlanta are too dangerous for him because of the crowd he used to run with. Turns out he and this cat he used to run with were real close, to the point Bow Wow helped out when the dude was on lock down...jail But for some reason the dude seems to think Bow Wow owes him.

Life is hard.

Anyway Bow Wow flies  to LA.

Next Bow Wow is walking down a street holding gas station flowers, withering pink roses, cheap. I guess he’s in LA now with his cute daughter. Having some quality time. The whole reason he is doing this show.

Bow Wow is like he wants to talk to Joy about taking their relationship to another level. I'm like Bow Wow is not serious. How can we take him seriously?

He practically wants to wife this woman but with NO RING. Please bro, sit down, unless you are proposing to her with a nice ring please, don't.  Don’t come with a script because you have a storyline. I just hope she is getting a cut too. Now, that I won't mind if he negotiated an appearance fee for her but still....why can't this dude just marry instead of wife-ing. What security does Joy have that Bow Wow won't just up and go with some other woman.

Anyway Joy is not having any of it, she tells Bow Wow he ain't her man and  she can't confuse her daughter. True. The little girl is starting to  ask complicated questions when Bow Wow keeps hanging around like a Tom Cat. Will she have a little brother or sister? Will Daddy stay. Bow Wow starts to look a little uncomfortable, then she drops the M-word. MARRIAGE. When will daddy marry mummy. Now Bow Wow is real uncomfortable and starts to rub his face. He's probably thinking if the cheque/check is worth this.

In the next scene,  we get Bow Wow on the phone talking to his mentor Jermaine Dupri. Mr Dupri is rattling off the same old same old - you need get your act together blah blah blah, get your behind to the Atlanta.

This is Bow Wow's story line because after all he is headlining this show. He is the star the reason most will watch in the first place, before we discover the messiness of the others. I'm side-eyeing Brandon the Bully here. Anyways Bow Wow knows in order to pick up his check/cheque from the show he needs to tell his Babymomma Joy.

He waits for Joy to drop their daughter and breaks the news to her. That he's leaving to A-Town. She is not impressive. Then she asks him how long he's going for. Well you know a series is about three months to shoot, so he tells her three months.

So Joy is hurt and starts to cry about his move. He just needs to think about a solution to thier situation. I'm like dude marry the woman but I don't think Growing up Hip Hop cheque/check is big enough for him to entertain that..

Joy is like she respects him working hard, respects his hustle, He needs to take  have a  solution to this. He is just going to be partying in Atlanta. Bow Wow is yes that's true but he's going to be getting  PAID. Make some money. You can't fault the guy because that's how most make their side-money in the game. It pays the bills.

Anyway, Joy tells him, he needs to man up and tell his kid he is leaving - she's not doing it this time. He does the baby girl isn't happy. She runs away from him. He’s trying to sell her his move but she aint a happy bunny.

I don't know much about Bow Wow's babymother but she seems a nice, classy type of woman. Not the one to get too horrible but we'll have to wait and see. You know these reality shows can make the classy women act crazy.

26 year old Brandon 'Wannabe Big Man' Barnes brings negative energy to Zonnique's big photoshoot then  Bullies  17 year old Reginae Carter.

I took a view on the scene and decided that indeed Brandon did bully Reginae Carter. Normally I would have said it took two to tango but given the age differences and the way it went down. Nah. One was a 26 year old man, the other a 17 soon to be 18 year old girl. Also she didn't start it, and was just defending her friend.

Brandon did.  He was old enough and grown enough to know Reginae was just a kid shooting off. He also went below the belt bringing in her father. Also if Tiny Harris, Zonnique's mother, was at the shoot, I think he would have never said what he did.

But let's not spoil the story.

So Zonnique invites her vocal coach Brandon Barnes and his cousin Anaya to her photoshoot. Zonnique is experimenting with various styles, and it happened to be the risqué/Booty Magazine Look she was going for when Brandon walked in.

Zonnique has a nice figure and she can carry it off. Not my taste but she needs to follow her vision, and try out different things.  She is 21 and legal.

Big Mouth Brandon starts to criticise the shoot in front of everyone - like the crew, photographers etc, saying Zonnique wasn't dressed right. That's disrespectful. He has no sense of tact. It sucks out all the positivity from the air.  What if Zonnique wasn't confident in herself?  He had no business doing that. First he is only her vocal coach NOT manager, and two, a mature person would have spokenly to Zonnique in private about it.

This is the problem when you are 26 year old and still living with your mama. Brandon is still living under his mother Debra Antey's roof and playing at being a man. He's acting like a 14 year old. Very young.

So rightly Miss Reginae Carter, in defence of her friend,  told him that Zonnique looked cute and he should stop hating. As I've said, Reginae is protective of her close friends and family. Yes, she can be immature at times but Brandon brought it on himself.

Brandon had a slick mouth but Reginae's mouth was slicker - both have no filters- #nofilter. Then Reginae meets Shaniah and Anaya and calls Brandon a hater in front of them. Brandon starts on her, asking why she is there.

She is there to support.

Brandon is like I have a right to be here as a vocal coach, but Reginae also had a right to be there as family support. Brandon goes in on Reginae - they are both shady to each other - it's unnecessary and then Brandon crosses the line saying Reginae should be worrying about what her father said about Black Lives Matter. Reckless talk. Bow Wow is already saying how dangerous the streets of Atlanta is, and this fool is just shooting off.


This is a grown 26 year old man. So immature. What does her Reginae's father - Lil Wayne - have to do with it?  This is what happens when a grown man is tied to his mother's apron. If he was a regular normal 26 year with a job he'd have too much respect for himself to be arguing with a 17 year old.

Who does that? She's still a freaking teenager!

Anyway Reginae knows her limitations removes herself from the situation by walking out,  and tells Zonnique what he said. Zonnique is disgusted with Brandon and tells someone to tell him to leave.  I'm not sure if she meant Reginae to tell him, but Reginae was very happy to shout that message across the room. "She wants you to leave," the little madam yelled from the dressing room.

Brandon can't take it so he starts to wind Reginae up again, calling her a wannabe. She comes out saying she doesn't want to sing, she wants to be an actress. He twists her words saying she is half there since she is ACTING UP.  Again Brandon should let it go but no, he wants to fight with a teenager.

His cousin - Regina Lookalike Anaya  warns him to let it go. Apparently she had anger management issues and is known to like fighting folk. She doesn't want to fight on his behalf. Are you kidding me? Would she really deck a 17 year old on behalf of a 26 year old man.  Anaya is 25 years old. What is it with these people? Can't they just ignore Reginae?

Well, Reginae Carter takes him down, asking him who are you? Who have you worked with?

Brandon explodes and comes back with  "I work with someone who could have helped your father’s career." Her father being Lil Wayne. Even I'm shocked. What is wrong with this man or man-child?


 Oh dear, Reginae is stunned, with no comeback, then says he is a nobody and that she can’t be on the show with him. She is also going to tell her mother. Simply saying that shows Reginae that she is just a kid and Brandon is a playground bully.  She doesn't even know how to handle that situation. She is so upset.

Now this is a big problem because Brandon just disrespected one of the most famous rappers. And worse of all someone's father. How? Why? Like did he need to go that low?

Reginae is super upset and walks out saying she was going tell her mother. Her mother was going to handle this. She goes off saying Brandon is a nobody…He needs this (as in the show but so does she)…he is going to have someone beat his face in, he doesn’t know who she is.

As Reginae walks to her truck she rings her mother says her version of events.

Meanwhile back at the photo shoot ....

Shaniah tells the truth about the low blows - she told Brandon he went too low. I think Brandon had started to piss in his pants, the implication of cheque/check his mouth just written is dawning on him though he's fronting...

Reginae Carter tells Mama Toya her on version of events

So Reginae goes home and tell her momma Toya all about Big Bully Brandon. Reginae is still upset but Toya is level headed and tells the little one she'll have a word with his mother. That's some disgrace, that she is going to have a word with his MOTHER not HIM.  Toya seems to be used to Reginae getting into these situations and explains in the confessions that its because Lil Wayne gets criticised a lot so growing up Reginae is overly protective about him. But still it was inappropriate for  Brandon to go in like that. Who does that?

So Toya is level headed and knows that Reginae would have had a part to play however she's still going to sort it out. Reginae is happy her mother has taken her seriously.

Zonnique tells Tiny Harris about Brandon the Bully and Reginae

Zonnique goes home, upset that Reginae was upset. She tells her mother that Brandon was immature and she doesn't even want to hang with him anymore. Also he and his cousin Reginae-Look-a-like Anaya wanted to bully the girl - two against one

Tiny isn't impressed about this situation at all. These guys in their mid-twenties going in for a teenager.  Brandon should have been mature after all she’s only 17 years old.

Makes comments and it goes personal. It’s mean, and low. Back alley tips in a nice big house.

Brandon The Bully uses style to Cry to his Mother Debra Antey

Brandon is running scared - okay he doesn't show it but you know how those rapper roll -  that he's done wrong, so he goes to tell his mother Debra Antey about the situation.  He uses style to approach it with her. First about the photoshoot and then how Reginae Carter needed to be taught manners.

Debra knowing her son asks him more details and he tells her what he said about Lil Wayne. Deb is not impressed and she is angry. It’s not good. Brandon starts fronting saying he wasn't going to appologuse but his momma handles him.

She is worried that Brandon's reckless mouth can get him into dangerous situations, and hurt.

So yes, that't all for this post. I'll be catching up on the others soon.

Thanks for reading.

Snuggie xxx

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