Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood Episode 1

My favorite reality show star - Joseline is back but I'm not sure if this show has anything to it. It is based around the premise of Stevie J producing a movie with starring him and Joseline. And to be frank apart from Joseline's one liners and bad ratchet behaviour there isn't much to it. She would make a great stand up comedian.

Anyway in this spin off from Love and Hip Hop ATL, Stevie J via VH1 now has enough money to produce a movie where he and his wife Joseline will act in. Also he'll produced the sound track/music score as well as cast.

Well things don't go to plan when Stevie J hops on a plane to LA leaving Joseline behind. Joseline doesn't take much rubbish off anyone follows quickly behind him, where she meets up with K Michelle, and enrols for some acting classes.

At some point Stevie J finds out that Joseline is in town, so invites her to some pool party with lots of pretty women. Joseline goes and being jealousy in nature insults everyone there and pushes Stevie J in the pool.

After that the movie team tell Stevie J that Joseline would have to audition for the part - a smaller part in the movie. Not sure how that will go down.

Over all we have a few famous faces, like Puff Daddy/ P Diddy making an appearance. The storyline is a bit thin but this will be very scripted. This show will evolve round Stevie's family since they all make an appearance, even Mimi and Eva.

Too soon to form an opinion but it seems okayish for now.