Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 3 - The Young, Dumb and Privileged go to Miami. Drama Queen Angela still rants about her stalker, DeBarge desperate tittie black dress doesn't pay off, Boogie and Romeo are still cute and fine, and Baby Peppa can't sing.

The show kicks off with Angela asking Romeo if he send a cheap bunch of flowers.  Sorry dudes, a huge part of this is scripted and planned especally with this stalker story line, but at least Romeo has good sense in EPISODE THREE TO SAY TO THE POLICE.

Romeo's girl has the 'can't-believe-this-BS' expression on her face. Dumb Angela then puts on some round shades and says she's in disguise, really? Please  this is insults our intelligence but kinda fun too.

Debarge Girl

Not sure of her name but it's still some made up drama. She is the only one who is really on a hustle. So she isn't part of the young, dumb and privilege group. She is really desperate to make it. Maybe too desperate.

Can't she just ring the jail to find out where he was release to? He must have a probation officer or something. Normally they give them like a half-way house and all that jazz.

Any way, Debarge chick is now going down skits city to look for her father. She gets advice from a specialist about reconnecting with family. She starts whining that she doesn't know if her father is dead or alive. This is the woman - yes - woman who didn't visit her father for four years in jail and seemingly because of a show is all interested to get proactive.

Anyway she gets over looking for her father really quickly when she talks to her producer. He is some dude in a shady looking studio who tells her he's got a meeting with Cash Money in Miami. That meeting is important enough to pause the 'looking for Daddy' search.

Zoom forward to the meeting, she goes to meet Cash Money with her tits hanging out of her dress. She is just tittie galore in that dress. One wrong move and there will be a huge warobe malfuntion with her breasts spilling out.

The Cash money guy comes in. Is he looking at her face or her tits? I don't know.  And then plays her demo while she singing and stroking her body. Are we in a strip joint or what? I don't know. Cash Money man is just looking at her body....

Don't get me wrong DeBarge is a good singer but she is one of many pedalling the same old stuff.
 There are lots of girls who have what she had and even better.  The producer tells her in a nice way but basically she gets rejected. That tittie revealing black dress didn't work - just too desperate. Nor did all the stroking of her body.

Maybe if she'd dressed professionally, and gone in with a business mind the man would have thought  she had something different. He would have thought maybe she had a different angle to her R&B, even maybe stretched to rock because dressed professionally or in a suit he may have asked her to sing. But nope, she just went in like a girl dressed for the club with a demo to sell.

Presentation is everything. Rule don't go to a meeting with a producer with your tits hanging out of your dress. Keep it professional.


He's cute. Fine looking boy but still dumb. To take over No Limits he should be cracking on with business school and learning how to balance a budget and leadership skills not just doing reality show. Oh and calling daddy for all decisions.

We get some cute scenes of him on the European movie set. He's looking really cute again. I guess that's why he got the part.

Drama Queen Angela 

She finally call the cops. Is this a waste of police time? Or some kind of PR on the part of the NYPD to show a different friendly face to the public. I don't know. Just don't know. Oh please. This should have been the first thing she did. However the officers just  give some general safety advise so I reckon its like a public awareness exercise. Lets face it, if it was serious they would have asked for the video and the bear etc. So this was just to raise awareness for kids talking too much of private business on social media.

Anyway Angela Simmons keeps going on about this stalker likes its a fashion accessory. Everything is her stalker this and her stalker that. Even Dash gets in on the action to protect her from this stalker - OG style. I thought Damon Dash would be too busy rebuilding his music empire instead of being disrespected by Angela Simmons.

She facetimes Romeo, who is still looking fine just out of bed, just to talk rubbish. Angela just thinks on her feet. She blurts her business out and doesn't like it when people think it's rubbish.

Angela is rude to the Debarge girl, and plain disrespectful but she is queen bee of the show.

Lil Baby Peppa

She's cute but also dumb. Another young, dumb and privileged kid. Not sure she can sing though, however all she needs is the right cuteness - which she has. To be fair she should have been doing this since she was a kid. Kinda mind up. Nope, still cute but can't hold a tune. Need to fast forward.

At some point Momma Peppa gets kicks out of the studio but it still doesn't improve Baby Peppa's singing.

 Lil Peppa gets annoyed with her mother and  goes crying to Daddy Peppa who puts her right. Momma Peppa is an OG, and what she says is law. Lil Peppa isn't happy. Oh dear.


Cute as well but likes his food. Very cute. They are all good looking in this show but still the dumbness still goes on. He goes to the Miami to DJ some big show. He's talking about tarnishing his image and name because of missing needles. The idiot then says he hasn't practised for this all important show in a week. Dumb.

Drama Queen Angela vs the Debarge Girl

They all clash in Miami, where Angela becomes Queen Bee and blanks Debarge.

The filming crew let DeBarge girl into Angela's appartment to give her side. Angela and her PA tell DeBarge that she's unprofessional. Well they do have a point because Debarge could have called them sooner to say she would miss the show. Was this just to make up beef for the cameras? Maybe.

 Fathers Therapy Session
The show gives a little session with DeBarge, Boogie and Chris Lighty's daughter talking about their fathers. Poor Boogie's daddy was murdered and he found out in the media (horrible, just plain horrible), while the Chris Lighty's daughter says her father was an alleged suicide (another horrible situation that messes up the family). Not nice and tragic for this kids. Anyway Debarge girl finds out that her problem isn't so bad of looking for her missing dad isn't so bad.

I guess that covers this show.


Apparently Angela Simmons is an executive producer on this show, so maybe that gives her the right to be rude and disrespectful. Who know?

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