Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 10: Finale - Stevie still goes with Mimi and Joseline, Benzino dumps Karlie, Scrappy and Erica do nothing, K Michelle is still the same. Nothing really happens.

Same format as last week I'm going via the story lines. It was a funny show but nothing really happened. It ended the same way it started.

The Love Triangle Mimi Stevie J and Joseline.

Group Therapy with Stevie J, Joseline and Dr Jeff.

Both Mimi and Joseline sit in therapy waiting for Stevie J who walks in wearing a 'I am God' shirt.

Okay. Mimi starts whining her same old story. Then she complains that Stevie is always down strip joints and clubs with Joseline and never goes out with her. Joseline shrugs invites Mimi to come along with them. Is that an offer to triple up to a threesome?

Stevie agrees with Joseline. At that point both Joseline and Steive J both thin  it was a good idea and didn't see Mimi's problem when she started to whine again. I'm so fed up I agree with them. Mimi keeps on going round in circles about the normal Stevie J story - I'm bored. This chick doesn't know what she wants.

Joseline tells it as it is. She says Stevie J will always be a liar, cheater and trying to have sex with other women. Joseline tells Mimi to accept Stevie for who he is. Stevie J looks sorry for himself like a lost puppy.

Again, I agree with Joseline. Joseline says once  Stevie takes care of her and gives her what she wants she is okay about it. Then she says Stevie J had sex with her best friend in her own bed - and she watched them.So now we understand that Stevie J may be into threesomes.

Dr Jeff is fed up of these three time-wasters  people and tells them this is their reality.

You are all crazy people!
 Mimi starts talking but Joseline cuts her short telling her Mimi has know him for 15 years so you should know what he's about. Mimi says nothing. Hmm was she just angry she wasn't invited to the Joseline and Stevie J party?

Stevie says it's his bus and his gas. He gives the chicks (Mimi and Joseline) opportunities to take control of their lives and make money. If they don't like it they can step off bus. Mimi still isn't saying anything. I bet she knew about this all the time. I guess what has Dr Jeff has achevied is that they all know where they stand with each other. 

Ariane meets Mimi in the salon.

At this point I'm thinking is Ariane just bitter because Stevie J never invited her to triple up with Mimi and himself into a threesome? Come on, there may have been an offer at some point -see how quiet Mimi suddenly went during the therapy?

Mimi starts to whine about Stevie J AGAIN saying he says she's on his bus and riding off his celebrity coattails. Mimi says she was made before she met him. I've switched off because Mimi is like a parrot just saying the same things over and over and over. This same old stuff since show 1 about if he loved her and how she is going to leave him. Yeah, right!

Ariane rolls her eyes asks what celebrity? She is looking tired, fed up and like she doesn't believe anything Mimi is saying. Ariane just goes along with it like she always. I bet even Ariane doesn't believe her. Mimi is just a size queen.

Joseline goes to the studio to meet Stevie.

Joseline is honest about the situation and seems to have grown up. She says was in love with Stevie J's  ideas and what he had for her but not the person he is. She says Stevie isn't really the kind of man she wants to be with however she'll continue to mix business with pleasure - basically have sex with him. 

Stevie brings a woman to studio with the hope of making Joseline jealous. This new chick looks like a two dollar hooker.

Joseline isn't impressed and says every opportunity Stevie gets he brings his beefcake out. He can't stop himself. Joseline's not bothered about this new chick. She knows what Stevie is about. Stevie J says he can ruin talent and fix talent. He is stupid.

SJ goes to Mimi's work place.

Same old some old talk. Mimi is like no no no for the cameras but we know that they still together.

Anyway Stevie gets serious and lays into her. He tells her he made her - gave her kid when everyone chucked her to way side. Is he saying Mimi was an industry groupie? What exactly is Stevie implying about Mimi's past. Joseline's past is open with no secrets - we all know she was an exotic dancer.

Then Stevie J walks away holding his crouch. For real? YES!

Final word on the triangle 

No real ending because Stevie J is still a male slut bucket - who will sleep with anything that has a hole, two tits and heart beat, Mimi still whining and Joseline is still riding high! There was not real conclusion other than it was still a love triangle and Stevie J was now sleeping with some new chick. I just hope the two women Joseline and Mimi  protect themselves with extra-strong condoms because this man is a walking sexual cesspit.

Erica and Scrappy

Erica's new crib.

Erica can now afford a new house with a nice kitchen. She has a chat with Scrappy about loving him as a person but not being in love with him. Scrappy yada yada yada too about nothing in particular - a few lies about not cheating and the whole thing just ends like at. I think they forgot the child support storyline.

 For real? What exactly are these two about? The ending is too simple after all the drama - it's like hassle over nothing. Now Erica giving the 'let's be great co-parent line'.

Scrappy says about his younger days and how much he loves her - you love me but you ain't in love with me. He says all he wanted was a family unit. What? For real?

It's a good ending but unbelievable given all the drama.

Scrappy and Shay

Then Scrappy meets with Shay - apparently he disappeared to Erica for a week. He says he loves Erica but can't be with her. He's doing the Stevie line - he loves both women. Foolery all round. He doesn't want to hurt her but what fuck?

She says he hurt her feelings Scrappy appologies and holds her hand. Whatever.

K Michelle and Erica

She meets K Michelle who is helps her choose stuff for her new house - it's pretty hard to believe it's hers though. She says she is dating some italian man. K Michelle just wants to know about the size of the man's sausage.

K Michelle is like what if you spend all that time and sausage is minute? K Michelle does have a point. Erica says she needs to know more about a man before she sleeps with him. Maybe she learnt that lesson from being with Scrappy.


Erica moves into a huge house and Scrappy is back home with his Mama Dee. It seemed a storyline that followed a scripted because the ending was just too easy and neat. I can't explain what I mean however good luck to both of them or should I say three.

K Michelle and her drama

After the talk about saugages sizes K Michelle thanks Erica for being a good friend then goes on to bash Rasheeda saying: 'This thing looks me in my eyes and her bags were like this.'

Erica tells  K Michelle that Rasheeda is in a difficult position. KM isn't listening but E tells her to put her shoulders back and be an adult about it. For some reason she listens to Erica.

Rasheeda and K Michelle meet in a bar.

It's the same old same old. Rasheeda justifies what she said by saying she knows all of them (the Wrights) and a little of K Michelle. Nothing changes apart from K Michelle keeps her anger in check and does not threw any cultery, punches or even abuse.

KM concludes 'I'm an open book but not a clean slate - a work in progress.'

Kalie and Benzino - the irrelevants.

Karlies meets some boy rapper in a bar.

Karlie meets up with some unknown ATL wannnabe rapper called Roscoe Dash who looks barely legal and about 10 years old. Is that orange juice he is drinking?  I'm done with this old heiffer going on about about her career and Benzino.

Who gives a fuck! The old rachett aka Karlie calls her situation complicated and acts sweet sixteen with some yobbo who is still wet behind the ears.

Does this Roscoe Dash boy even have pubic hair? He stinks jail bait.

Sleazo seems Benzino at work to talk about love.

Sleazo Stevie goes to see his boy Benzino in his office. They talk about Karlie - who really care? He wants to give her the ring. Really?

Bezino confides in Stevie that he has issues. Stevie J is confused and asks like what? Stevie J is a simple man when it comes to women. All does is have sex.  Bezino tells him it's about trust. Slevie shakes his head and nearly chokes on the word Trust. Trust is such a dirty word to him he calls it the 'T' word. The word trust doesn't exist in Stevie J's dictionary.

Bezino whines about Karlie doing late night studio work and he heard she is messing about with other men. Uncle Stevie doesn't even understand where Bezino is coming from. Karlie just seems a female version of Stevie J by the sounds of it. Stevie J just can't relate to Benzino.

Benzino take Karlie to give her the ring.

This looks staged - like a corner in a studio was just prepared for this scene.

Bezino proposes and then changes his mind because when Karlie comes at him - about is he sure and she doubts him.

 Benzino then takes back the ring.  OMG! Are they serous? Karlie mouths off saying she made Benzino relevant again by going with him. Who cares. Both are opportunists.

Bezino is always twitter posting half naked pictures of himself in the gym or bathroom and  and Karlie Redd does the the booty magazines rounds. 

So I'm over it. Both are irrelevant.

Anyway Zino is like this isn't working and dumps her. Yes dumps her behind on national TV. He says karlie has doubts but so did he. Karlie is left alone in restaurant sucking on strawberry.

  Was this relationship ever real?

Karlie then moves on to jail bait Roscue Dash and talks more about her career. AGAIN. As much as I enjoyed it I feel the Benzino-Karlie Redd relationship was a jump-off one night stand extended for the show.

Rasheeda and Kirk

No comment becuase at this point I'm past caring about this show.