Move over Anthony Robbins there is a new kid in town Move over Anthony Robins there is a new kid in town and it's Robert Kiyosaki

It was good while it lasted but it seems there is a new wealth generating King Guru in town. Robert Kiyosaki. Anthony Robbins now going by the more informal Tony Robbins has being overthrown by Robert Kiyosaki in terms of followers. It's very interesting that it's now the generation of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' than the 'Unleash The Power Within' format. A bit like the 'MTV' and 'iPod'.

One deals with ourself the other just how to generate cash. It's about the money now, I guess. People just want to be rich rather than learning how to acheicve their goals, ambitions or anything else.

Interesting that there are even trends and patterns in wealth creation gurus and knowledge.