OMG! Shawn Carter ala Jay-z is not as street as he would like to be.

Yeah, I know he was brought up in the projects and I know he was a 'huslter' but some of that is image.  I'm talking about his values, ethic and family background.

Okay so he was brought up in a housing project in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City accoring to Wikipedia but and a big but that doesn't mean anything! It might put in a  'financial class' as in rich vs poor but not the 'class' system which has more to do with privilage, life choices and background.

Sometimes family find themselves in situations where they need to be in affordable housing. Where you live and your surroundings don't necessary reveal who they are. An image based on that implication may sell records becuase the truth may not.

It appears regardless of the 'my daddy walked out when I was 12' story which happens across all walks of life Carter - Jay-Z and a very stable and solid life that allowed him to pursue his dreams. He had good support in his  immediate family.

What makes he say he has middle class values - well look at his choice of friends, who he hung out with in the beginning Damon Dash is hardly the local corner boy, the activities he pushed himself into to get better - really just the equal of after school activities like football, learning a craft or an instrument. Also his laid back approach in dealing with situations - seems that ease to deal with things runs in the family.

Jay-Z/Shawn  Carter may imply he was of the streets but he certainly wasn't brought up on the streets. But how do I know this well it's the appearance of his mother and two sisters at the carnival. They all had a confidence that allowed them stay in the background and allowed Carter the attention on his big day. Anyway a credit to Ms Carter she seems to have a family who have done her proud. They also seem to keep their brother grounded in some ways. Just ordinary middle-class folk who grew up in the projects and I think there must be plenty of middle class families who live there.

Anyway his mother and two sisters just looked so middle Black America. Just so middle class in the quiet confidence and casual laidback - not trying too hard with the music/media people at the event.