Amazing site for a free online life coach Tools For Life

I've found an amazing site for free life coaching called Tools For Life by a life coach called Devlin Steele.

It's a free life coach ninety day programme/program and each day has  a great life coach theme. I'm not sure how many people finish it but I'm on day  nine. It can ge a bit long but it depends how long you want to study it for.

You can't rush through the programme as there is a sixteen hour count down lock. So you can do a day every sixteen hours I guess. Now in the evening I'm still on my day so I won't be able to do a proceed till the next day ten till after mid-morning tomorrow.

Today I'm going through life coach goals. It's about laws of accumulation and how everything you do adds up. I know it's common sense but it's way he says it.

Also how sometimes we state the results of goals rather than a goal. So I want to be rich. Well that is really a result of what you acheive. I want to be a rock star. That is really a result of being an successful singer. But they are really goals in thier own end. They are just the result of goals.

On day nine Coach Steele give the low down on goal setting. It's excellent. He goes into his philosoppy of setting goals and it's really worth just saying the course/program for that. It's free! I'm not sure how it is maintained but it's an excellent resourse and worthwhile signing up while it is free.

I have joined a few others on the site but I'll say it's Coach Steele that has kept me going. I also have to keep a blog there so I might just republish it here.  Those are mostly my thoughts. But please, I'm not getting paid however for a free life coaching tool go to Tools for Life on Try it you nothing to lose and all to gain. xxx