What type of business do I want to have?

So I've finally made my business my top goal priority. If you read my other blog you'd see I was rather conflicted with all the others. But this is my number one focus.

 What type of business do I want to have?

  This was a question I was asked in a workshop and was told it was best to know from the start.
These were the options given.

1. To build an empire
2. To build something to sell later along the lines
3. A lifestyle business - a bit like a job - just earn enough to keep you in an accustomed lifestyle.
4. Partnership

Well I'm not ambitious so this is really just a lifestyle business. I want to earn enough money to keep me in a certain lifestyle. I'm not doing it to take over the world or have it printed on every billboard, hoarding or to fly private jets. Just to provide me a decent enough income to meet bills, go on nice holidays and pay the rent.

To be honest I haven't got a clue.