Streaming lining my goals

I just realised I have too many goals that pull me in different directions. They are all conflicting. And call me a lazy ass but I have decided to scrap them.

I read and bought so many self-help books that give me outlines: Personal, Educational, Spiritual, Wealth, Health, Relationships, Career,Work etc. They advised to outline what I want to achieve in each step then break it down.  But today I woke up and decided after a decade and a few years I'm scrapping it. Yes all my goals.

I'm just going to concentrate on one goal. Every time I dip into one of these books the same goals come out but on a deeper level they conflict with each other so I don’t achieved anything because I can’t focus (well that’s what I think). But with just one goal, I maybe and just maybe I can fully commit. I can focus and put all my energy to it without any other conflict or feeling guilty. I can develop that one track mind.

So I've chosen one and that is to start my own business or at least try.   So I'm looking to be a fat, tone-deaf, unpublished business woman rather than a 'goal seeking' unemployed statistic.

As soon as I've attained my goal or something similar I shall move onto the next one. It's going to be one goal at a time.