Soul mate, a suitable mate or plain compatible.

I get confused. Okay I'm single which is why I'm touching on this. I'm listening to Natasha Beddingflied, Soulmate.  I know it's huge business ya'll know there is always a bottom line.  I understand, I don't believe in soul mates anyway but I do believe in having a certain rapport.

You don't just want to lie back and think of England while the man is huffing and puffing. You don't what to feel irritable or irked whenever something is done wrong. You want to enjoy being with them. I thought enjoying each other's company, having a good sexual chemistry and being able to speak to each other without too many boundaries was enough. I thought it was enough. Sometimes I look back at my experiences and think maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to. Maybe it wasn't what I thought it was. Well obviously not because in the end the person decided to marry someone else.

I guess I make decisions based on how I feel. He made a decision based on how and where he was going. He felt the person could contribute more to his glorification and his so called business empire. They could work together, build and take over the world.

As for me. Well it was good chemistry, being about to talk honestly with each other as well as confide (well as much as you could) and some other similar things.  But hey what's that compared to the chance of world domination. After all when you think  (key word is think) you are riding high and achieving all you need to in business and are fairly successful all you need is a chick that makes you feel good. Someone who is sycophantic and tells you what you want to hear. Someone who "knows how to treat a man". Don't even get me started self esteem issues.

I don’t know. Remember it’s just my view and in the end there is a lot more to this than I’m saying. Things were far from perfect (I do breathe a sigh of relief sometimes) and there are always two sides to every story and in the end it didn’t work out because it wasn’t what one party wanted. And it’s the right way to go. People get hurt but it’s better that way I guess. I always think things happen for the best and in the end I guess I'm just sore that he chose someone else. But then that was what he wanted so I have no real comeback. Guess it's rejection. Ouch!

But hey life is good. Still good.