Movies on LoveFilm

I only rent and I've done so for over a year. The cinema just seems grossly overpriced and now movies are coming out on DVD quicker so there is no point. I  rarely go to the cimema and I think I went over a year.

LoveFilm is pretty cool and my only quip with then is that they seem to have an going dispute with Uinversal Pictures so you can't borrow their most recent titles, I found that out when I tried to borrow "take him to the Greek", Russell Brand is one of my favourite personalities. I can't really call him an actor or a comedian - he's more personality and a bit of a dandy. I used to listen to him on BBC radio Two and I've watched his stand up. He has a way with words and a different mindset. Saying that at Wembley he did look as if Perry was feeding him one hambuger too many in his last stand-up gig. I wondered how he fitted into those skinny jeans. I think he's lost it now. I saw him on a BBC programme and he looked quite trim.

Any I digress, has now bought by Amazon so maybe the Universal Pictures thing  will be resolved and I can watch Take Him to the Greek.

Im still on the bookkeeping goal. Going to do some later.