Writing a business plan using “How to Prepare a Business Plan” by Edward Blackwell, 5th edition,

I'm tired of being productive in writing job applications and sending out resumes so I've maybe I could start a business. The first step apparently is to write a business plan.

 I did have a look at the business plan software which cost a hundred quid but then thought maybe I knew someone with a student discount who could get it for me reduced rate. However the thing about the software is really the case studies in which one could easily base their business ideas on. In the end I opted for the hard trot - I mean getting a book.

I borrowed “How to Prepare a Business Plan” by Edward Blackwell, 5th edition, this is part of The Sunday Times; Business Enterprise Series. It has a review by The Bookseller “Still the best book available on the subject.” Do I agree? Well so far so good. I’m on chapter three having skipped over chapter two which was about cash flows – I currently have none.

Chapter Three is about ‘The very small business’ and has a case study about a chap called Alex Battersby. I’m using him as a format for my business. The fact that he is a joiner and I’m a webbie devvie does not matter. Blackwell is really hammering home the cash flow thing.

So I think should I still go on with my idea? It’s only an idea. I have no customers? No market research? No nothing?  Should I just go back to being an expert of applying for jobs with no luck.