Noah - a story of love - flash fiction

There lived a man called Noah. Noah was unhappy. He was single. He was sad. Nothing more could be said about Noah.

One day as Noah was buying some food an idea came to him.  It was a clear vision. He was to build an Ark. He was confused. His parents had called him Noah after a no good uncle not for religious reasons. However everytime he went to this supermarket the vision would come.

Noah didn't know what to do. So he went to his doctor. But his doctor thought he was crazy. The doctor was an atheist. Noah was diagnosed with deep depression. Still the vision of the Ark came to Noah.

So Noah decided to start building his Ark. It was very simple, he'd start with a toy model. So he went to a toy shop. There was a pretty girl called Tina. She was the store greeter. She helped Noah pick the parts to build his model Ark.

Tina then asked Noah out. Noah said yes. They started to go out. They built the model Ark together and then Noah got an idea to ask Tina to marry him. He asked and she accepted.
Then Noah realised the visions of the Ark was about finding a way to get his true love; Tina.

The end.