Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Exposed and Unfiltered - the Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez is still my favourite cast member, A LGBT spat about pronouns between Mimi, Ariane and Chris

We all know this show is a hot MESS. Hoes, bitches and corner dogs gathered in a mansion to confront each other. Oh yeah, and it rolled. With all the drama and lack of time, I've decided just to blog on the reunion!

Noticeable absence was Erica Dixon, who  removed herself from the equation and has moved on to bigger and better things - penning a children's books, designing clothes and looking at the a future without all the drama. I wish her well and success with her future endeavours. 

The Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez

I don't care how messy Joseline is I still like her - fake or not - this show is about her. Without her there will be not SHOW. She is such good TV, and I'm happy in some ways she has grown in some ways. Tammy too is dignified.

I'm only catching up on the Reunion show and I must say, Joseline after all these years is still my favourite cast member. Then Bambi because despite everything she shows some classiness in the situation.

Then Joseline hijacks the show with her pregnant. Not sure, why and don't ask me, I have a soft spot for her.

LGBT fight between Ariane and Chris (Mimi's former lover).

Chris wants to be identified as a man, even though she is still a women. Ariane the resident LGBT member thinks Chris is shady and call her a girl. So there is a bit of a spat. Since Chris says because she can't afford surgery and hormones it doesn't mean she can't identify as a man.

So at some point it becomes physical between Ariane and Chris. Man or no man, my money would have been on Ariane to whoop Chris's ass.

Stevie J and The Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez have a heart to heart.

Stevie doesn't think the baby is his. Joseline does 'a Joseline' and doesn't seem bothered with his attitude. Stevie demands respect and an apology but to be fair how can he ask Joseline if the baby is his Then again Joseline said she's cheated on him with women not men. Stevie is annoyed so he walks out.

Oh dear.

Anyway Joseline apologises (I suspected convinced by the crew and executive producer). Stevie and Joseline make up - but they are resumed their social media fight - instagram and social media.

 Yeah, that's all I have to say. The King family are too messy for me even to begin.

I heard the whole cast may be getting fired and next season will have a brand new one. Not sure, what I think about.
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