Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 – Episode 11:Joseline wants a ring on it; Will Stevie J put a ring on it? Douchebag Kirk has a midlife crisis and humilates Rasheeda; we hope Scrappy doesn't drop the soap in the jail shower. Traci realises she's no longer attracted to Drew when he tries to kiss her.

 Boring loser couple - Rasheeda and Douche bag Kirk Frost - just became interesting because of the stupidity of both. Well who knew it? I don't even know what to say because it seems both Rasheeda and Vagina-Slack-bag Kirk are playing each other for air time. The seem so cosy here at the BET awards so I question is the drama real or just to get attention? Desperate couples like Rasheeda and weaksauce Kirk Frost may do anything for fame, attention and a cheque/check. They are thirsty!

If that's the case it's working because I can't ignore the antics of jerkoff Kirk anymore...I wish I could but I have too much to say on the fuckwit Kirk Frost.

Dick-Bitch Kirk Frost Has Mid Life Crisis and leaves Pregnant Wife at Home

Unfortunately too poor a jag, Lamborghini or Ferrari for his mid life crisis Douchebag Kirk goes to see Benzino.  Benzino decides they both need timeout Slack Vagina Kirk refocus. Bezino calls Kirk and Rasheeda the Power Couple. I'm like since when have they become Jay-z and Beyonce?

Anyway slack-vagina-bag wasteman Kirk wants time out from raising his children. What an arsehole! He behaves as if those children just dropped down from sky and he didn't have sex to impregnate  a woman. He should a vasectomy if he is so bothered.

Anyway Bezino keeps whining about having no female apart from Chloe the Rabbit so he arranges from him and  loser wasteman Kirk who is a complete douche bag to go do some fishing and hunting in the mountains.

They arrive at the mountain cabin and it's full of industry hos. Kirk is shameless and at some point is making out with some ho in the hot tub. Could someone remind him that withdraw method does not work? But then Kirk Frost is way too poor for one of those industry hos to think of having his baby. So he probably safe. What a loser...

However to fair  this disgrace of a man called Kirk has Rasheeda always allowed Kirk to play away like this? It seems too comfortable like she is not hearing what he's saying. Rasheeda is like just work it out of your system.  I just hope they both don't end up down the clinic testing for infections.

 Then again it might be a publicity stunt for more attention and sympathy for Rasheeda - after all Kirk and Rasheeda are a business brand as well as a couple.

 The guy is saying he wants to be  twenty one again. He wants to find himself - when did he become lost?

Joseline wants Stevie to Put a Ring on It

Joseline wants to get married to Stevie J! She tells K Michelle who isn't convinced but I don't blame Joseline for trying but I hope she doesn't hold her breath on this on. Joseline complains she is tired of being the sideline ho/bitch.

She wants to be recognised as Stevie J's significant other. Hmmm.... this man had five baby mothers including one who has being around for 15 years - Mimi.

Joseline tells Stevie she wants to get married and starts to cry. Stevie starts to pat her nose - that thing he does and tells her like he needs more time. Joseline is like it can't be 15 years. 

Rumor: There is rumour that Joseline and Stevie J maybe already married and Joseline might be joining the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta . I doubt it but anything is possible.

K Michelle and Mimi.

Nothing to it - they make up. Well considering Nikko was a loser and it wasn't worth the effort I'm not surprised. Nothing really interesting here.

Traci Steele and Shay Bucky

Traci and Shay Bucky meet up but it awkward. Shay Bucky the ghetto hoodrat is very aggressive and though she apologises it's easy to see she doesn't mean it.

Traci know it as well so they both bitch about each other in confessionals. But we all know Shay Bucky is a good-time girl with Scrappy because when he is in trouble she is not around.

Scrappy Better Not Drop The Soap in the Jail Shower.

Scrappy gets arrested again. Even his mother cries but I guess no mother wants to see her son in handcuffs.

He has to tell his daughter Imani he's getting arrested but the avoids responsibility for his action by not directly answering her questions when she asked if he did something wrong.

Also who the heck is Imani hanging out with because she asked if she could see him because 'Casey goes sees his father' I assume that is someone they know. Scrappy is no but then he confesses this is his third time.

At the prison Erica is there to support him and Momma Dee. And Momma Dee hugs Erica because no matter their relationship she needs to the support at the moment. Where is Shay Bucky?

Traci and Drew

Traci goes to DJ at a gig where Drew is playing too. Drew behaves likes douche bag when Traci introduces the guy she is dating. Drew becomes very childish and starts calling the man ugly.  I think Traci enjoys the attention for a while.

The man is like he doesn't want to play games because it seems like Drew and Traci are enjoying this argument. At some point he tells Traci he can still 'scoop' her which I think means 'have' her if he wants. Traci is not impressed.

Drew then invites Traci to lunch. This is where he behaves like a true creep.  He is like he wants to be with her and his kid to make a family. Traci is like no. Drew is still like full of swagger then he walks over and tries to kiss her.

This is so embarrassing for Drew. And I think it was the point when Traci realised she was no longer attracted to him as she thought. She was like 'What are you doing' and moved her head. The body language was total repulsion. I felt bad for Drew. It's like a Traci was 'Get away from me, you loser' body language.

REJECTED Drew leaves humiliated.