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Love and Hip Hop series 2 show/episode 3: Chrissy gets her sight on Yandi and keeps on sneaking tattling back to Jim

OMG! This is complusive viewing. I'm a Love and Hip Hop addict. Truth, I'am like a drug fiend when it comes to watching this. I'm so hook but I digress. My current favourite are Chrissy Lampkins and Kimbella for different reasons. Also Samaya.

Show two wasn't really much but show 3 is the one to see.

Chrissy Lampkin and Yandi

So we tale off from when Somaya fly zip was leave on done at her showcase and Chrissy Lampkin starts another fight with Yandi who is Jim Jones manager.  They are both wrong and right. In fact I love Chrissy but I'm the whole Kimbella fight (and the girl was naked - no panties which was why it was pixellated by the good people at VH1) had made me wary of her. I like her but the fight another chick like a drunken man is another thing. Anyway I dirgress.

Yandi starts mouthing off about cheques then she starts to dance the Mama Jone's single which is just a red flag to Chrissy. She comes out charging verbally this time like a bull in a chinashop or maybe like bullets from a gansta's gun in a shoot out.

So Chrissy Lampkin is angry at what Yandi and rightly so because she is loyal to her man. Also because she feels Yandi is disrespecting her man Jim Jones by putting him in the same catergory as Somaya and Kimbella. It's when Yandi says in a sort of way she will manage anyone that brings her cheques.   So it's like she is comparing Somaya and Kimbella to Jim Jones. She is also like saying it's about the money. Also dancing to Nancy Jone's tune did not help.

I think Yandi crosses the line at time with her business relationships and gets emotional.  But you see at Yandi is just a blabber - gift of the gab and good at hustling. If she was a pro there will be no way she will be hanging out with her client's girl friend. Also gettting over familiar in giving her that silly book. However she is a hustler's hustler. As in Jim Jones is on a hustle and Yandi hustles on his behalf.

I like Chrissy as I said above but apart from the fighting what I find unappealing and this may be the way she is protrayed is that after doing things on camera she reports back to Jim Jones like a tattle tale or telling tales then he is forced to get involved. That will be okay but Chrissy Lampkin is not a weak woman - she gives as good as she gets then runs home to boyfriend Jimmy and tells him she has being disrespected or upset.

This may not be the case but it's the second time when conversations off camera have happened. The first was with Somaya's former manager Maurice and second time was with Jim Jones alledgelly cussing out Yandi off camera about Chrissy.  Anyway Yandi teaches him a lesson and he loses $25,000. Yes $25 grand event so Ouch!

It will be interesting to see how this plays off because it seem Yandi no longer manages Jim Jone and Chrissy Lamkins is cited as the cause though I doubt it there is always more.

Chrissy is loyal, out spoken but she needs to either stop VH1 editing her like a tattlle tale or sneak or try and change. Otherwise it makes her look very troublesome and makes Jimmy Jones appears pu$$y-whipped if he is always waging into her battles.


Olivia forgets by the virtue of appearing on Love and Hip Hop she is on the same level as Samaya. It's simple if she were better she would be on a better show. Get over the ego and start afresh. Your behavour is only making Samaya look better. She may not be as good as you are but she is trying!

What can I say the world loves a tryer. Good luck!

Emily Bustamaine.

Not sure about Emily Bustamaine. Always crying about Fab and her family. Yet her breasts are hanging out and she wears short mini skirts. She sort of dresses like Kimbella but only with a inch extra for modesty. They are really the same type of girl. I love it when her friend tells her 'There are other atheles or rappers'. Like no ordinary men good enough? Must he be a baller. We all know she is back with Fabulous now anyway.

Anyway she is very passive agressive and it's what she told Kimbella at the launch of her bootie cover of Black men's magazine. 'You must have slept with all the black men here including mine (Fab)'. Ouch! That's worst than the beating Chrissy Lampkin gave Kimbella.All I know is that she has two kids and one is about 12 so I hope she is not as stupid as she is acting. I hope that is all for the cameras and she does have some kind of plan.

It would be nice to see  Emily Bustamaine cover up without everything hanging out. She is not as tarty as Kimbella but she is the closest to it on the show in terms of clothes.


I do like her and I'm not sure what all this rubbish does for her innerself. It's unhealthy to have people treat a person that way. First it was Chrissy Lampkin beating her up. To be fair if someone had done that to Chrissy Lampkin I wonder what Jimmy Jones would have done. You just a word to Chrissy Lampkin and it's DRAMA! So not too sure what Juelz Santana said to Jim Jones about it. Let put this way. If Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones every split up with time that will be it. If Kimbella and Juelz Santana split up there is a child involved.

I digress. Kimbella is a glamour model - no big deal. Maryln Monroe was on and so was Pamela Anderson and also if the price is right for playboy a lot of actresses do it.  She is what she is. She thinks women are jealous of her because she is pretty - not really. She dresses like a tart to get attention thinking she is pretty but attracts the wrong sort of attention.

Like her or not she is trying to make her way. Hopefully she get something out all this because right now she is being picked on by Chrissy Lampkin and sort of made out to be the bad person but in my opinion she has a sweeter naturer than any of time including Emily.


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