Ray J and Fabulous down in Vegas Town! LISTEN!

Check out the Ray J's phone call  because it's so funny! Ray J's talking about the so called fight to a radio station. 

Too much, too much! Ray J comes over very silly and full of bravado.


What is going on with these two dudes. First Fabolous calling him lil Brandy and lil Red Riding hood. Then there is Ray J mouthing off in a very high squeaky girly voice about the money team.

Ray J is an upper class American boy whose parents were both professionals even before Brandy got into the music business. Sonia Norwood had a dream that both children will be financially secure and she managed their carreers till a certain point. Ray J was always under the shadow of squeaky clean Brandy. At the worst he is a very spolt kid who is hasn't found his way but still likes to hang like a gangsta. He is a bad boy but only in the way other spoilt Hollywood types are for example Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn - only without discovering what he is really talented at to be successful. I mean Ray J is still living off the Kim Kardashian skin flick and knocking boots with Whitney Houston.

So no mattter his swagger or how many punches he throws he is still Sonia's baby boy and Brandy little brother till he finds something he can succeed in, in his own right.  If ever there was a real fight my money would be on the real man not some wananbe sliver spooned ass of a boy who thinks because he hangs out with some rap celebs that rap gangster that he is one by proxy.

Ray J people know you because of yoru sister Brandy Norwood, Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston. Fabulous we know because of his talen. Enough sai. Worth listening because it's really funny!

Ray J's talking about the so called fight to a radio station