Life after tools: My new goals

So I finally graudated from the free online tools to life program.  I'm going to be talking about it much because I found that the people weren't actually interested in getting committed and  being patient about with changes.

The program is brillant but you must put in the time. The minimum you should do and yes I'm saying SHOULD is to commit yourself to finishing the program. It's 90 days which  sounds long but not if you think it's just like checking your emails or doing some social networking.

Anyway I digress and I'm offically broke and in debt. Yes, I'm finally over my debt comfort zone so I'm going to have to start looking for ways to earning an income.

So now I'm at the point when I need to take all I've learnt from tools and put it into action. So what did I learn well everything you already know - take action and be consistient. Easy eh? Well not really because I tend to get distracted. I'm not going to list down my goals because I don't really see the point.
Okay I will

They are pretty common.

  • Earn some money to pay off debts
  • Lose about 30 pounds
  • Complete my writing course and get a story published
  • Improve my singing
  • Complete my vocation qualification and get a job in that field.
Tool to life is free and is well worth looking at. I'm a graduate and this is going to be about life after tools and how I'm doing in applying it in my life to get the results I want.