Stie is back up

Yay! Tools to Life is back on line so I can continue. Today is about faith. Do I have faith in myself? Am I just rowing a directionless boat. Faith, and self belief go a long way. Now where can I get me some of that.

Also need to lose weight Again. This was what I posted a few weeks ago and yet I'm heavier!

Not too sure about this but I've decided to give it a go. I'm over wieight though I haven't seen a scales in a long time.
I do have committment issues with weight loss. Well simply i don't like to do any exercise and eating less. I also dislike feeling controlled regarding what I'm eating however I guess this is why I need to try this programme.

So what can I do. I'm not getting a pair of homescales because I can do that at my local clinic. I'll have do find where my food scales are.

I think this is going to be challenging. I'll post my weight up when I get weighed later on today.
I also have a find a nice picture of what I want to look like. Oh brother! Quite a bit to do. I know my attitude may be lacking.

I do aim to finish it though.

I need to have a little more faith I guess and maybe self control