Keep away those stuck in their lives

Sounds a bit hard but if you are struggling to start a new venture or try to move to a new stage in your life and you are not feeling too grounded keep away from people stuck in their situations or doubters.

I'll try to explain.  Now very grounded and motivated people can deal with most things. They are very focused, driven and grounded in what they want to do. They don't allow people to drag them down however for us lesser mortals we need to be careful.

For example I know someone who was feeling a bit down. So I tried my best to try and cheer them up. Motivate them but they refused to see any light or the postive. It was like they actually prefered to stay in that postion.  That's okay because it's their choice however what is unfair is that they take it out on everyone  or just transfer their feelings and emotions to everyone else.  If you want to be miserable guts that's find however don't drag everyone down with you.

So after talking to them they suck all your energy and for no reason you start to feel down and bad. 

Now this sounds selfish, but if you have people like that in your life you and you can’t keep away from them keep the conversation light. Keep it about what's going on in entertainment. Keep it light about gossip, I find celeb gossip is best or what soap opera is going on. Don't talk your business or their business. Nothing heavy in which an opinion counts so no religion, politics or stuff like that. Nothing which you need to think about. Even talking about the weather works. Seriously that way you can't feel bad. Talk about stuff you don't care about until the person is in a different place. If you can avoid them then do.

I know it's a cliche but at certain times of your time when you need to get ahead surround yourself with postive and supportive people. Take a holiday or vacation from the others. You can always reconnect when you are in a better place. But if you can't keep it light. Believe you me I'm trying to follow this.