Review:The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

I just watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and thought I'd share my opinions with you. It's much better in my opnion than the book which I stopped reading after a few pages.

This was the Swedish version with subtitles. It is based on Stieg Larsson's book of the same title who in death continues to dominate the news with the dispute with his partner and family over his estate.

It's a good movie and a streamlined version of book (it's based on the book which I guess gives creative freedom away from it). It's directed by Niels Arden Oplev who brings the classic urban gritty feel to it. It's very dark and graphic in some bits. I wasn't too scared and this may be because it was in subtitles.

Noomi Rapace the actress who plays Lisbeth Salander gives a good performance and a sympathy to the character. Not sure the character Blomquist. He is played by Michael Nyquist and all I could say was it seemed he wasn't a natural jogger. He does a lot of jogging in the film.

The storyline
An investigative journalist called Blomquist is done for libel for printing lies about some industrialist. Blomquist is found guilty and then sentenced to prison. Before he goes to prison he has a few months to knock about. Blomquist is hired by a rich industrialist to investigate who killed his niece over forty years ago.

Before that the industrialist does a back ground check on the journalist. This is done by a firm who hires Salander as a hacker.

Blomquist takes the job and somehow Salander comes on board. They get it together and try to solve the crime or mystery of the missing girl. A lot of secrets are revealed and it ends happily.

Is it worth watching?
It's okay and if you like thrillers this may be your thing. There isn’t much of an adrenaline rush like in Hollywood movies. This is slower and has an edgier and raw feel. It lacks the sleekness of Hollywood movies which may be an appeal for some. Not botoxed actresses, everything is real. The women look their age and it's believable.

What I was left with? 
People take advantage of society’s vulnerable people and ill treat them because they think no one cares.